Employment & Training Opportunites

Giving Back to the Community We Serve

We offer job training, and employment services designed to help people with barriers to employment fulfill their employment goals. Barriers to employment can be, but not limited to; a disability, no employment history/experience, no high school diploma, single parents, seniors, ex-offenders, language barriers, and youth.

Our Goodwill serves 17 counties in Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia; Tennessee: Sullivan, Washington, Hawkins, Greene, Hancock, Unicoi, Carter, and Johnson. Virginia: Scott, Wise, Washington, Russell, Smyth, Dickenson, Tazewell, Buchanan, and Lee.

We have five Workforce Development Staff located throughout the service area for easier access to services. We are located in Kingsport-TN, Johnson City-TN, Richlands-VA, Abingdon-VA, and Chilhowie-VA.

Employment Services

Community Employment Services

Community Employment Service is designed to empower individuals to succeed in competitive employment in the community. When available, Community Employment Service may be provided as one or a combination of the following:

Job Placement Service includes career orientation, job search, resume preparation, job application assistance, interview assistance, personal care instruction, and work related skills training. After clients find employment, our professionals regularly consult with them to assess their progress and determine the need for additional services.

Supported Employment Service developed to train and place individuals with disabilities into competitive work settings and provide them with continuous support throughout employment period to ensure successful retention. This service includes three stages: 1) training and/or placement; 2) 10 days job coaching, after which the job coach begins to “fade” from the picture as natural supports (co-worker interaction) develop; 3) after 90 days of employment, follow-up services are provided to the individual and employer twice monthly for the length of employment. A job coach is available at any time to intervene should a problem arise or the individual’s job responsibilities change.

Work Adjustment Experience

Individuals are provided with a structured, planned, and supervised work experience at one of our Goodwill locations or at a community partner site. They will develop an employment plan designed to encourage personal and professional growth through understanding of basic concepts such as dependability, working with others, following directions, completing tasks, and problem solving. After completion of the program, they may be provided with job placement assistance if requested.

Senior Community Service Employment Program (Host Agency)

We provide job skills training and instruction services to those seniors who for different circumstances find themselves entering the work force again after a period of unemployment. Training is provided 20 hours per week in the following job skills: customer service, pricing merchandise, stocking merchandise, and general janitorial. Services are provided under Host Agency Agreement as part of the program held by First Tennessee Human Resource Agency.

Transitional Services

Community Service
We provide an outlet for criminal offenders to complete required community service throughout our service area. Individuals are placed in our stores and contract locations to perform various tasks such as loading/unloading trucks, baling, production, janitorial and other needed tasks.

School-To-Work Program
This program’s purpose is to provide a successful transition from school to work. Job-site training is provided to ensure that students learn their jobs completely. Students are also instructed in developing desirable work conduct and appropriate social interaction with co-workers and supervisors. Goodwill cooperates and communicates with area school systems to provide these services. Through this program Goodwill students are exposed to different work experiences and a variety of job tasks.


On-Track is an employee personal and professional development program that allows new employees to have access to success coaches.  The success coaches will build relationships with new employees and identify need areas in the employee’s personal life as well as areas for improvement while at Goodwill Tenneva. Further, the success coaches will assist employees with goal setting and career planning either at Goodwill or other desired areas for their future.