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    While completing required service hours through the Community Service Program, or any other community based or service-learning programs administered by Goodwill, participants must follow all policies and procedures of Goodwill Industries of Tenneva Area, Inc. This includes Goodwill’s Code of Ethics and Accountability. Community Service Program participants must be at least 16 years of age, adjudicated, and recommended for community service. Individuals referred to the program must not have violent offenses. Individuals with current or adjudicated charges of assault/battery, child abuse, domestic abuse, murder, rape, sexual violence offense, or a charge with the aggravated designation are not eligible for community service placement with Goodwill.

    Participants who do not follow all Goodwill policies and procedures may be asked to leave the Goodwill-controlled premises or have their participation in the Community Service Program terminated. Your referral agency contact will be notified of any incidents. By typing your digital signature(s) below and submitting this form, you and/or your parent/legal guardian (if applicable) acknowledge and agree to the following:

    1. Conduct/Appearance: Professionalism while on any Goodwill-controlled property is mandatory. No inappropriate conduct or language will be tolerated. The appearance standard for community service participants is the same as for all retail employees and volunteers. Refer to the Appearance Standard for Participants in Volunteer Programs policy statement for required attire and personal appearance guidelines.

    2. Participant Duties and Mobile Phone Usage: Participant duties may vary by location and may include but are not limited to accepting and processing donations; cleaning the facility; grading and hanging textiles; pulling, straightening, and stocking items; or running carts of processed items for display or transport. Mobile phones may be used only during your break or lunch times if applicable. Mobile phones are not allowed on sales or processing floors. Please keep your phone secured in your vehicle if you drive to a Goodwill location. If not, mobile phones are to be secured in the location’s breakroom with the ringer set to silent mode.

    3. Breaks and Lunches: If you are on the schedule for 8 hours, you are allowed two 15-minute breaks and one 30-minute lunch. If you are on the schedule for 6 or more hours, you are allowed a 30-minute lunch. If you are on the schedule less than 6 hours, you are not required to take a break or a lunch. All break times are at the discretion of your Goodwill Team Lead or Supervisor.

    4. Shopping: You are not allowed to shop while scheduled to complete service hours at a Goodwill Retail Store. You may shop on a day that you are not scheduled for service hours at the store. Items cannot be held for you at any Goodwill location.

    5. Safety and Security: You must follow all safety and security procedures and protocols as instructed by your Goodwill Team Lead or Supervisor, including all COVID-19 related safety measures and mask guidelines. Report any unsafe working conditions or breaches of security to your Team Lead or Supervisor immediately.

    6. Accommodations: Program participants who self-disclose emotional, cognitive, developmental, health, mental, or physical performance limitations and who request reasonable accommodations to complete assigned duties will be referred to Client Services by the Goodwill Team Lead or Supervisor before those duties and/or service hours are performed. Appropriate supporting documentation must be provided by the program participant upon request by Client Services.

    7. ID and Time Sheets: Your identity must be verified before any service hours can be performed at a Goodwill location. A copy of your driver’s license or other valid photo ID must be submitted to the Volunteer Services Coordinator. Your ID will be placed on file with your Goodwill Team Lead or Supervisor. You must present your valid ID to the Team Lead or Supervisor upon arrival to perform your initial service hours. Official Goodwill time sheets are to be kept on the Goodwill location premises. You are responsible for logging accurate dates, times, service hours, and for signing and retaining copies of your monthly time sheets for your personal records. The Goodwill Team Lead or Supervisor will review, sign, and submit monthly time sheets to the Volunteer Services Coordinator to verify your service hours and/or correct any clock-hour miscalculations.

    8. Attendance: You are required to perform a minimum of one hour of service each time you are on-site to meet your community service obligation. You must arrive on time for your scheduled community service shifts. If something interferes with your scheduled hours and prior notification is not possible, you must notify the Goodwill Team Lead or Supervisor within 48 hours of your absence. If you fail to notify the Team Lead or Supervisor within 48 hours of your absence, the Team Lead or Supervisor can elect that you not be allowed to perform community service hours at that Goodwill location.

    9. Online Training Credits: You must complete an online Client Services Data Survey and five online learning modules before performing any service hours with Goodwill. The required learning modules are Goodwill 101, Attitude in the Workplace, Basic Customer Service, Self-Presentation in the Workplace, and Workplace Safety. Award of community service credit for online courses is at the discretion of the referral agency or court. It is your responsibility to check with your referral contact to confirm that successful completion of these five modules will count for community service credit.

    10. Liability Release: I and/or my parent/legal guardian (if applicable) release Goodwill Industries of Tenneva Area, Inc. from any liability due to personal injury, illness, or damage to any personal property while completing requirements of this court-ordered community service at any Goodwill location to which I am assigned.

    By typing a digital signature(s) below and clicking to submit this form, I and/or my parent/legal guardian (if applicable) certify that all information supplied in this online form is true and complete as well as acknowledge and agree to all terms and conditions of court-ordered community service with Goodwill Industries of Tenneva Area, Inc.

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