Service-Learning Partnerships

Service-Learning Partnerships with Goodwill Industries of Tenneva, Inc. facilitate the completion of service hours by high school and college students seeking to meet course, financial aid, or graduation requirements. Participants engage in activities that reinforce their classroom learning experiences and that promote Goodwill’s vision of the transformative power of work through service.


Internships are designed for college students to meet service-learning, practicum, or capstone requirements embedded within their college majors or courses. The following volunteer positions require a minimum 20-hour service commitment by the participant during an academic semester. Interviews to select a limited number of interns during a semester may be required. Volunteer descriptions listing qualifications and performance outcomes are linked below.

Field Observations are designed in conjunction with a college student’s academic department to provide on-site research opportunities that allow targeted observations of professionals in the workplace. Students gain insight into required behaviors, activities, and processes of their chosen career fields. A field observation description listing eligibility criteria and essential competencies is linked below.

Service Opportunities are designed for high school (age 16+) and college students to meet state community service requirements for the TN Promise Scholarship and/or to earn service-learning credits for course, financial aid, or graduation obligations required by similar initiatives. The following volunteer opportunities require a minimum 1- to 8-hour service commitment by the participant that meets specific state, local, or school deadlines.

  • Goodwill Day – Annual event in April to help students earn up to eight (8) hours of community service while experiencing the functions of a dynamic social enterprise that provides employment services to those in need. Pre-registration is required for limited volunteer enrollments. Event information and the pre-registration deadline are published by February each year. Click here to view the latest information.
  • National Recycling Day – Annual one-day event in November to help students earn up to eight (8) hours of community service while experiencing recycling and sustainability programs that support Goodwill’s Core Value #11: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse & Repurpose. Pre-registration is required. Enrollments are limited. Event information and the pre-registration instructions are published by October each year. Click here to view the latest information.

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Participants in Service-Learning Partnerships must be at least 16 years of age; required to complete high school or college course, financial aid, or graduation obligations for service-learning or community service; and meet any additional qualifications for participation in specific Goodwill service-learning opportunities. Participant background checks are required for placements extending beyond eight (8) hours of service. Available placements in all programs are limited, and select programs may require an application/selection process or pre-registration period to determine participants.


While completing required service hours through Service-Learning Partnerships, or any other community based or service-learning programs administered by Goodwill, participants must follow all policies and procedures of Goodwill Industries of Tenneva, Inc. This includes Goodwill’s Code of Ethics and Accountability.


Participants in select Service-Learning Partnerships complete Goodwill 101, an integrative learning module that relates Goodwill’s history and mission services. Additional learning modules may be assigned to reinforce a participant’s workplace skills during the service period.

Service Plans

Service plans are developed through conversations between participants in Service-Learning Partnerships and their Goodwill supervisors to meet the expected service-learning and performance outcomes of select programs. The service plan integrates the career interests of a participant with the areas of concentration available for a program during the service period.


Please direct all referrals, questions, or emails regarding Service-Learning Partnerships to the following Goodwill contact: 

Greg Walters, Volunteer Services Coordinator
Office Hours: 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., Tuesdays and Thursdays
423-426-3922 office cell